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Arabic Language – General Classes Fees – 2020

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Cost per level Type of study
7 US dollars per hour Online Study (one to one study)
$55 Group Study
$350 Private Study
$200 (for each student) 2 Students Per Class
$450 ( divided between the 3 or up to 6 students) 3 to 6 Students Per Class


Special Level Fees (Private Study)- 2018

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Cost Program Hours
$200 Grammar 2 hours per day
$200 Morphology “Sarf” 2 hours per day
$200 Arabic Rhetoric 2 hours per day

Administration Fees – 2018

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Cost Services
$10 Registration
$50 Accredited Certificate of the ministry of Education
$10 Accreditation /Accredited Certificate of the center
$10 Redo the final exam
$10 Advance to higher level (student sits examination if he qualifies)