I have studied from markaz Kalimah and online, I have loved and cherished every part of my studies with them. Markaz Kalimah has played a huge part in my studies, in fact it has been my foundation to seeking Islamic knowledge. I find their method of teaching the Arabic language very effective and would highly recommend to anyone who loves and pursues the path of learning the Arabic language.
Maryam Nasha
I believe you guys are the best in terms of quality! MashaAllah
Kirill Krymov
British ESL Teacher / Saudi Arabia
When I first started, I did not know what to expect because I have not studied a language online before; but I am impressed with the quality of the teacher who is dedicated to his work. I can see I have made a progress in my reading and understanding of the Arabic language and I am getting better so overall I am very satisfied with the service and quality. If there have been some problems, I get it solved quick from the staff. I always recommend my friends to study Arabic online at Markaz Kalimah.
Khalil Ahmed
Kalimah Center is Alhamduillah very good. Good pace and time given to speaking practice.
Omar Mohamed
I have studied at several on site Arabic programmes, and was not sure whether an online programme will suit my learning style after an average experience with an online group. Kalimah Institute was the third place I tried and, I must admit that I am very pleased with the institute and my teacher Shayma, Masha Allah TabarakAllah. She is knowledgeable, patient and interacts very well with students. Even though we don't see her (we did not want video classes), she keeps the classes very lively and the one-hour lesson is so beneficial, Masha Allah. In that little time, we cover grammar, vocabulary, conversation, morphology, and jokes about the different Arabic dialects we know. What is amazing about the programme is that they also incorporate Al-Ajroomiyah from Level 5 onwards. I definitely wanted more Grammar than what the Arabiyyah Bayna Yadayk series provides, and Al-Ajroomiyah completes that perfectly. It's clear that the people who designed the course are professonials who know what they are doing, Masha Allah. I am very happy I choose the Kalimah Institute and want to increase the online learning hours in the near future, Insha Allah. I recently recommended your institution to some of my friends. And, please keep the good customer service. JazakAllahu khairan.
Umm Ibrahim - Riyadh
Alhamdulillah the lessons have been good and I like my teacher a lot. She is very cheerful, understanding, encouraging and answers all my questions very well mashaAllah.
Siti Nur Fairuz
Assalamo aleykom. To say that I’m very happy with Markaz Kalimah is underestimate. Subhannallaah for the past few months I have learned a lot. The way my Ustadah explains everything makes it easier for me to implement them when I’m memorizing or doing revisions alone. I’m grateful to have her as my teacher as she is very talented and knowledgeable. As for the administration, allahumma bareek, they have been very patient and professional with me since day one. May Allaah reward them Allaah
Samira Adan
Kalimah is the institute to study Arabic with. The instructors are knowledgeable, patient and dedicated to facilitating your knowledge & understanding of the Arabic language in dynamic and creative ways. The administration team are always on hand to assist with your needs and as a whole I feel they are truly invested in their students and catering to their needs.
Nizar Asghar
I am currently on level 5 with Kalimah Center. The experience so far has been great! I have attempted to learn Arabic before through other means but found myself being ineffective. However, with Kalimah I was able to see significant results within the first month or so. The teachers are experienced and cater to the students level. The curriculum at Kalimah has helped me develop in all areas of the language from speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension. I plan on continuing my journey inshAllah.
Muhsin Kalil
I would highly recommend studying at Kalimah Centre. The teachers are exceptional and the way the Arabic course is structured is very well. All the teachers are trained well and also amazing individuals as well. The centre has also spend a lot effort in designing the Arabic programme. I have learnt a lot in the a short space of time at Kalimah and hope to be continuing my studies with them online in sha Allaah.
Pritima Miah