Study Policies (for In-class Lessons)

Before students start at Kalimah Center we urge everyone to read the policies below.


Examinations :-

  •  A student sits 2 exams for every level. Final written examination after 60 hours of study and also an oral examination.
  •  200 marks are assigned per level.
  •  A student secures the 40 marks for participation depending on his activity in the class room and his punctuality and whether he completes his homework and his behavior.
  •  If a student is lacking in any of the areas concerning activity he will not receive the full 40 marks allocated for activity.
  •  The student is required to get minimum of 130 marks to move onto the next level.
  •  If a student tries to cheat in an exam his exam will be cancelled and he or she will be removed from Kalimah Center without having the fees refunded.
  •  It is possible for a student to postpone his or her examination for one day, due to unforeseen circumstances.  The student must inform the center administration as soon as possible or minimum one day before the date for the exam.
  •  If a student is absent for the midterm exam and would like to sit the exam, a fee will be charged.
  • The time of the examinations are not taken from the 60 hours allocated to the student for his level of study.
  • Lesson time includes breaks.

Attendance :-

  •  Obligation on the student to attend on a daily basis on time.
  •  If a student is absent more than 5 days he or she cannot sit for final examination.  However they can complete the examination as a passive participant only.
  •  If a student is late up to 15 minutes for his class it will be held against him .
  •  If he is late up to 15 minutes he must ask the permission of the teacher and it will be up to the teacher whether he is allowed in or not.
  •  In the case of a valid reason for not attending the student must inform the administration as to not lose his attendance mark.