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  • If you have relative or family member at Kalimah, please enter their student ID.
  • Reason why you need Schollarship or Financial Aid

  • 1 - Scholarship Starts from the second month of studying in the center. 2 - Scholarship Lasts according to students keeping high results & meeting the rules of the center. 3 - This scholarship is based both on academic and social criteria. This will be judged after investigation and meeting with the Director. 4 - Accepting or rejecting the scholarship is up to the management in the center only. 5 - The student should not get less than 150 to keep the scholarship. 6 - In the case of violation of the grant applied a fine of (25) pounds in the case of failure fined (50) pounds. 7 - The student must not divulge that he or she has been granted or obtained. This may void your grant. 8- The scholarship will stop if the student stops lessons for more than 3 months.
    By selecting "Agree" you will abide by the the rules and conditions as set out in this form. The center has the right to cancel the grant at anytime should the student break the conditions.