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3 Students class

Online Group Class Study Policy:

Registration and Study Policy :                                                                                                           

1) The group class is being formed by 2 students minimum and 3 students maximum
2) The group class is being formed basically by your side whether it was a person, a company or association but not by Kalimah Center.
3) The registration process is running through fixed obligatory steps, as follows:

  • A placement test Via Zoom in order to determine the students levels.
  • Setting the class schedule according to the available times as per the teachers timetable.
  • Processing payment, after getting a schedule confirmation.

4) If the group students wish to change the agreed schedule, They shall return to the Center’s administration.
5) Group class schedule is not liable to any changes unless the whole group requested that change.
6) All information registered by the students at the time of admission remain confidential and are not seen by anyone without the students’ approval .
7) Class time includes a break as follows: (the break is counted from the study hours) :

  • 15 minutes break for the two-hour class .
  • 10 minutes for an hour-and-a-half class .
  • No break for one-hour class.
  • Attendance and Absence Policy :

1) The group principal whether it was a person, a company or association shall make sure that the group members be present at the scheduled classes times.
2) If the group student cannot attend the class for any reason, the group principal whether it was a person, a company or association shall inform the administration at least one hour before the class via any available way such as : Whatsapp & Zoom.
3) If only one student of the group attends, the class shall be still running as usual.
4) In the event that the group principal whether it was a person, a company or association; does not inform the Center at least 1 hour before the scheduled class time, the group will be charged for that class.
5) Any delay from the students any or all of them will be deducted from the class time, and the teacher is not committed to cover that missing part.
6) If the group is late for the class, the teacher will wait for 30 minutes, then leave and the student will be charged for this class.
7) In case the teacher is absent for the class, the missed class will be rescheduled.
8) If the teacher is late for the class for more than 10 minutes, students have the right to leave and get this class rescheduled.
9) If there is a problem with communication of the Center side, the Center commits to compensate the group. If the problem is from the group side any or all of them, the missing time will be deducted from the class time.

  • Examination policy :

1) The students has to pass two exams in order to move to the next level, one written and the second is oral .
2) Each level is 160 points divided as follows :

  • 80 points for the written exam, (the pass grade should be not less than 50 points)
  • 80 points for the oral exam, (the pass grade should be not less than 50 points)

3) Students are required to have at least 100 points in total of written plus oral exams to move from level to the next level.
4) The exam time is at the end of the level. but the group students have the right to request postponing it for 3 days maximum for revision.
5) In the case that the group student is not able to get the passing mark, they may request to redo the exam within one week for revision.
6) If any of the group students failed to pass the exam the group will turn into a semi private or a private class with a different fees.
7) The students written exam will be sent by the teacher and the students shall send it back to the teacher for correction in maximum 24 hours.
8) The written exam will be followed by an oral exam and a revision for the written exam in addition to explanation of the student’s mistakes.
9) The written exam takes place outside the class time, but the oral exam is performed during the class time.

  • Financial Policies :

1) The course does not start unless the full group processed  the payment.
2) the group class payment should be processed by its principle weather it was a person or a company or association.
3) All the time packages are a monthly packages.
4) The student’s hours balance is subject to the rules of validity as follows:

  • 4 hours package is valid for 30 days.
  • 16 hours package is valid for 30 days.
  • 20 hours package is valid for 40 days.
  • 30 hours package is valid for 45 days.
  • 40 hours package is valid for 50 days.

4) Validity of package: means that the paid hours in a certain package have validity duration, once it expires the purchased hours cannot be used. to avoid the negative impact of validity expiration before consuming the hours balance, it is highly recommended that the student do not cancel many lessons and proceed with payment for renewal of package, enough time before expiration of validity duration. the required advance notice for canceling  the class on any day does not mean that this shall affect the validity or keep the validity for longer time.

5) The group class consists of maximum 3 students, but if one of the students left the group for any reason, it will turn into a semi-private class in a different fees, and if 2 students left the group for any reason, it will turn into a private class in a different fees.

6) The group will receive the following free of charge:

  • Placement test.
  • Written exam.

5) The group are entitled to full refund if the course has not begin.
6) The refund request shall be processed through its principal whether it was a person, a company or association.
7) In case of refund, 75% of the payment will be refunded after deducting the consumed hours as long as they are not expired.
8) Activating payments takes normally 24 hours to be updated on our records, so principal whether it was a person, a company or association should make sure to process the payment no less than 24 hours before the scheduled class time.
9) Unless the payment has been renewed, the class will be paused as soon as the hours run out.
10) The group  principal whether it was a person, a company or association has the right to pause the class while keeping the credit of hours according to the following terms:

      • The class pause shall not exceed the validity of the balance.
      • The administration should be informed at least 1 day beforehand.
      • The class schedule or the teacher might be changed due to this pause.


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