Online Study Policy:

  • Registration and Study Policy :

1) The center accepted Any student regardless of his religion, color or race.

2) All information registered by the student at the time of admission remains confidential and is not seen by anyone without the student’s approval .

3) The student should set a placement before starting the class.

4) Determine the student level is purely right for the center administration.

5) After student registration, an appointment is arranged to determine the level.

6) The new student has the right to request a free trial lesson before proceeding any payments .

7) After determining the student`s  level, the course is arranged by matching the student’s favorite times and available times for the center teachers.

8) If the student wishes to change the agreed schedule, he or she must return to the Center’s administration , not the professor .

9) The class time is Dedicated to study Arabic language only ,not for  debate in politics or religion.

10) class time includes a break as follows :

  • 15 minutes break for the two-hour class .
  • 10 minutes for an hour-and-a-half class .
  • No break for one-hour class.

11)During the course, the student will be charged with assignments and homework ,that must be performed by him and sent to the professor at a specific time for delivery, in order to ensure the seriousness of the study .

  • Attendance and Absence Policy :

1) The student shall be present at the scheduled classes time.

2) If the student can not attend the class, his absence will be compensated according to the following conditions :

  • the absence days should not exceed 2 classes monthly .
  • The administration shall be notified at least three hours before the class .

Other than these conditions, any absence of the student will be deducted from his balance.

3) Any delay for the student will be deducted from the class time .

4) If the student is delayed, the teacher will wait 30 minutes then leave . The class will considered to be cut off from the student’s balance .

5) In case the teacher is absent for the class, the student will be compensated in accordance with his available time.

6) If the teacher is late for the class, the class will be free.

7) If there is a problem with communication of the student side, the lost time will be deducted from the lesson time. If the problem of the center side, the center commits to compensate the student.

  • Examination policy :

1) The student has to pass Two exams, one written And the second is oral .

2) Each level is 200 points divided as follows :

  • 80 points for the written exam.
  • 80 points for the oral exam .
  • 40 points for the hall level assesses the student’s homework and interaction with the professor during the class

3) Students are required to have at least 130 points to move from level to level .

4) The exam time is at the end of the level but the student has the right to request postponing it for revision.

5) In the case that the student is not able to get the passing mark, he / she may request to redo  the exam within one week for revision .

6) The student’s written exam will be send via e-mail and the student sends it back to the Center for correction .

7) The written exam will be followed by an oral exam and a revision for the written exam and a explain the student’s mistakes .

8)  The written exam takes place outside the time of the class, but the oral exam is performed during the class time .

  • Financial Policies :

1) Lesson does not start unless the payment  is proceeded.

2) The student will receive the following free of charge :

  • placement test.
  • Written exam.
  • Trail lesson.

3) The student is entitled to full refund if the class schedule has been arranged.

4) The student is entitled to a refund of 85% of his / her payment if the class schedule has been arranged.

5) The student is entitled to request a refund of 50% of his payments during the first three tranches of commencement Study .

6) After the first three classes of study have passed, the student loses the right to request a refund .