Below you will find a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you feel we need to add a new FAQ, please contact us via our contact page.

There is no specific time, however we encourage students to arrive a few days before the begining of the term to arrange their accomodation.
Yes, there are services which provide Airport transfers, please contact us to arrange prior to arrival.
Your passport with a valid visa,completed registration forms, placement test.
Five days a week (full time study)
Total of twenty days per single level.
There are tow tests per level, one written and one oral exam at the end of the level.
The exams are at the end of each level.
No, no foreign language is allowed during class time and students are encouraged to speak Arabic as much as possible outside of class time.
Students are not allowed to speak their own language.
The 2 Eid  (Al Fitr & Al Adha).
No they are not, however we try to keep the cost down and print them locally.
Yes, we have separate classrooms for female students and they are taught by female teachers.
Yes, we can provide a certificate listing the Program that the student completed . Also certificates can be provided in Arabic and/or English language.
The course takes from one year and half to nearly two years including vacations and span time between sessions, insha-Allah
Yes, we provide private classes and two or three students per class.
the student can suggest a teacher and we check if he is available for teaching the class or not.
Of course the student can choose his own time in case there is an empty spot for his required time.
 The student can make an extra exam with extra fees (10$) with one condition to pass; which is to get 65% at least.if he fail exam he needs to repeat the level.
We offer classes for mature students from the age of 14 years old.
Maximum of 8 students per class or less.
We are only provide teaching indoor and over Skype.
Yes,We do have intensive Arabic program which is [ 6 hours per day, 5 days weekly ] with this type of course the student can complete two levels in a month
Yes, we provide entrance tests to see what level you are.