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Arabic for Intermediates- level (2)

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  • Course level: Intermediate
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  • Last Update September 13, 2021



The Intermediate Arabic program develops communication and language skills to a level where students can function effectively in an Arabic speaking environment.

Course goals


  • Can demonstrate understanding of main points of short articles about current and familiar topics, especially if they are illustrated.
  • Can find and demonstrate understanding of specific information needed in short texts, brochures and leaflets relating to personal interests or topics being studied.
  • Can identify and demonstrate understanding of the main points and details in straightforward texts well enough to talk about them afterwards.
  • Can demonstrate understanding of extended texts (such as simple and short stories) targeted at correct level and follow story lines with some effort and the use of a dictionary.


  • Can write short, comprehensible cohesive texts on familiar topics.
  • Can write simple texts about experiences or events – real or imaginary.
  • Can write simple texts to describe feelings and reactions.
  • Can write short emails about everyday things to known people.


  • Can follow short clearly spoken talks on familiar topics or topics in context, especially if accompanied by visuals.
  • Can extract specific details from short clearly spoken talks after second listening.
  • Can demonstrate understanding of main points of clear speech on familiar topics with the aid of some repetition or clarification.
  • Can demonstrate understanding of main points of classroom discussion on familiar topics and everyday conversations when people speak clearly, but sometimes help is required to understand details.


  • Can give descriptions on familiar topics related to interests.
  • Can ask questions and give opinions in informal discussions while agreeing and disagreeing politely.
  • Can start, maintain and finish a face to face conversation on simple topics with no hesitation.
  • Can ask questions and briefly explain and justify opinions in informal discussions on familiar topics in a polite manner.
  • Can express and respond to feelings and attitudes
  • Can give a short prepared or impromptu presentation on a familiar area and answer clearly asked questions. Sometimes repetition of questions may be required.

Course content

The course has an integrated syllabus which is predominantly skills-based, with grammar and culture components, and is organized into 8 levels, each level consist of 6  lessons themes.

Passing the Course 

Students must obtain 60% or more in three of the four skills. which will be measured by an oral test at the end of each level.
Each of the four components is of equal weighting. Students who pass the course are eligible to commence the Upper Intermediate Course

Topics for this course

33 Lessons

الحياة الزوجية

الدرس الأول – عليك بذات الدين
التدريبات 1
الجملة الاسمية 1
الجملة الاسمية 2
الدرس الثاني – هل تحدث مشكلات بين الزوجين؟
التدريبات 2
الجملة الاسمية 3
الجملة الاسمية 4
الدرس الثالث – السهر خارج البيت
التدريبات 3
الجملة الاسمية 5
الجملة الاسمية 6
الدرس الرابع – الأسرة بين الماضي والحاضر
التدريبات 4
الجملة الاسمية 7

الحياة في المدينة

Final Quiz

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