Pritima Miah

I would highly recommend studying at Kalimah Centre. The teachers are exceptional and the way the Arabic course is structured is very well. All the teachers are trained well and also amazing individuals as well. The centre has also spend a lot effort in designing the Arabic programme. I have learnt a lot in the a short space of time at Kalimah and hope to be continuing my studies with them online in sha Allaah.

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Fatima Haroun – UK

Ustadha, ... is a wonderful, energetic and engaging teacher. She is able to teach Arabic in a fun manner which is not easy to do. She knows how to plan lessons well and is good at assessing what students need to work on more.

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Ali Sogut – Germany

Hi my name is Ali Sogut and I studied Fusha Arabic in the summer intensive course of Kalimah center. I studied two months and starting at level three and finishing at level 6, I finished three levels. The teachers here are very professional and it’s a pleasure learning Arabic with them. The classes are clean and I love that the students truly come from every corner of the world. I didn’t’ expect to make so many international friends in this short time. I really hope to continue my Arabic studies here next year and I strongly recommend all of you to do the same.  فرصة سعيدة! Ali Sogut – 06.09.2016

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Testimonial: Abu Yahya – Studying online

Assalamu aleykum. I've just finished one level in Kalimah markaz online by skype and would like to thank all the Kalimah Center stuff, especially respected director ustadh Musa and my teacher ustadh Samih who demonstrated the patience, talent and high professional qualification during our lessions. May Allah reward them! Now my wife is studying in the Center online and we want to get there soon to continue the study offline insha'Allah.

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Basil Amjad – Canada

"Bismillah W'Alhamdulillah. Markaz Al Kalimah is based in Cairo, Egypt and is no stranger to many of the foreigners (American, Australian, European, Canadian, Russian, French) who have studied there. I want to say that this is a trustworthy center and the teachers there are quality educators in Arabic and Qur'an. They are aware and acquainted with the goals of Western dawah organizations (AlMaghrib, IOU and others) and those who want to work in the Dawah field. Feel free to ask them for a free trial."

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Nabilah Al Ghareebah – America

I personally have not studied at Kalimah yet my little sister (14) studies there. We both have studied at various marakiz in Nasr city...

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