Arabic Language Courses via Skype

At Kalimah Center we are pleased to offer online courses via Skype,Zoom, or any of the available communication Apps. We understand that in certain cases students cannot travel to Egypt, why not bring the teacher to your home on-line.

We offer full courses or intensive courses, it all depends on the student. The classes range from beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

In some cases students who attend intensive summer or winter courses, continue their studies via our online classes.

One of our instructors teaching via Skype


How to start the course

To start the online Skype course, you will need to complete the online registration. Once completed, we will send you a quick test to see which level you should start your Arabic language program.


At Kalimah Center we offer many different times for online studies, due to time differences where the student is located.
For more details please contact us or view our FAQ section and familiarize yourself with our online study policy.

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We encourage students of knowledge to register before the beginning of the semester to make sure there are still places available.
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