Intensive Courses

Many students around the world are studying at Universities of Colleges have limited time during study time to undertake additional courses. At Kalimah Center we now offer Intensive Summer and Winter courses that are available during the holiday times.

NOTE: Our next course is the Summer Intensive Course,
starting 17TH July 2018.

What is included:

  • 2 Complete Levels
  • 5 Days per week
  • 5 Hours per day
  • Weekly Exam to test progress of the students
  • The study is divided into: 30 minute revisions, 60 minute speaking, 100 minutes reading, 60 minutes grammar, 20 minutes writing and dictation.
  • Students get 15 minute break every 90 minutes.
  • Airport shuttle.
  • Books.
  • 2 Trips inside Cairo.
  • Accommodation (additional cost shall apply)

So if you are interested in joining, please contact us or register today

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We encourage students of knowledge to register before the beginning of the semester to make sure there are still places available.
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“Bismillah W’Alhamdulillah. Markaz Al Kalimah is based in Cairo, Egypt and is no stranger to many of the foreigners (American, Australian, European, Canadian, Russian, French) who have studied there. I want to say that this is a trustworthy center and the teachers there are quality educators in Arabic and Qur’an. They are aware and acquainted with the goals of Western dawah organizations (AlMaghrib, IOU and others) and those who want to work in the Dawah field. Feel free to ask them for a free trial.”
Basil Amjad, Canada
“Assalamu alaykum wrwb,
I personally have not studied at Kalimah yet my little sister (14) studies there. We both have studied at various marakiz in Nasr city and this one has by far been the best mashaAllah. It has a well structured program with great teachers who aim to make things crystal clear. Despite my sisters young age, she was able to grasp so much and within a few months became fluent in speaking, walhamdhulillah. We currently are taking a break yet i aim to put her back asap iA by the next level. To those thinking of joining kalimah, its worth every penny :):) and Allah knows best..”
Nabilah Al Ghareebah, America