Details: Teacher Training Course

Course Content Conditions Price / Cost Hours
Level A Theoretical

Including lectures in:

  • Characteristics of a foreign student.
  • Attributes of the Arabic language.
  • Teaching of  language skills.
  • Classroom management.
  • Qualities of a successful teacher.
  • Preparing of lesson plans.
  • Evaluation and error correction.
  • Difficulties of teaching Arabic language.
For an Arab :

  • Excellence in all  Arabic language branches.
  • Passing an admission examination.

For Non-Arabs :

  • Being certified by an esteemed Arabic Language center in Egypt or worldwide.
  • Passing an admission examination.
210 USD  each, for group.


410 USD for private .

20 Hrs
Level B Practical

  • Minimized classroom teaching.
  • Attending as a mentee in a classroom during lessons.
  • Conduct lesson teaching in front of the trainers.
  • Examination at the end of the training.


100 Hrs

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