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Admittance Policy

Please Read the Kalimah Center “Admittance Policy”


  • The student must have a nationality other than Arab nationality
  • The center accepts any student despite his religion or colour.
  •  One must sit an entrance exam to determine his level.
  •  The specification of the level is the duty of the center not the student.
  •  The student has a choice to suit the most suitable time to study according to the times that are allowed by the center.
  • In order to face inflation the prices are liable to annual increase first January of every year, varying from a minimum of 10%.
  •  The class room is the place of study and not the place of debate on politics or religion.
  •  The fee for registration is not returned to the student if he decides not to study at the center.
  •  Necessary that the student is not less than 12 years of age.
  •  All the information that a student gives at the time of registration will remain private and will not be presented to anyone without the permission of the student.
  •  It is necessary on the student to pay the course fees before starting the level so that his place can be reserved.
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