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Accommodation Service Policy

  1. The Accommodation Service purpose is to ease the life of students in Egypt and help them continue their study as duly aspired.
  2. The Accommodation Service is just a pledge to help finding an adequate and decent accommodation but it is not a guarantee to find it , since the availability of residences is liable to change always.
  3. The average rent rates declared at our website , are always subject to change according to the ups and downs of the market.
  4. Ordering the service by any way other than registration and paying the required deposit shall not constitute any compulsory obligation on the center.
  5. They only items allowed to bring with you are just your personal items, books and luggage, no external furniture or appliances are allowed.
  6. This service runs in three steps:Deposit Payment – Confirmation – Contracting.
  7. Deposit:
    We require a deposit payment in advance by (2 months or one month at least) in order to start processing the Accommodation Service Order.
    The deposit is refundable only in two cases:
    1) Failing to find the required accommodation within the given timeline.
    2) Having no confirmation from the student on the offered choice(s).
    The deposit is not refundable after confirmation.
  8. Confirmation:
    – Confirmation is the act of acceptance to rent the offered accommodation. After getting confirmation from the student , No refund will be allowed.
    Confirmation has two cases; either outbound when the student is abroad or inbound when the student is in Egypt each has its respective form to be filled and signed by the student.
    Upon confirmation, Kalimah Center will undertake to reserve the confirmed apartment to the student starting from his arrival date stated in the confirmation form and up to 2 weeks afterwards, otherwise in case of not attending to sign the contract after 15 days from arrival, the availability of the apartment will not be guaranteed and the deposit shall not be refundable without any need for notice or warning.
  9. Contracts:
    – Lease Contracts only signed when the student is present in Egypt. the contracts comes in the following form:
    – Contracts signed with third parties (landlords) which will be concluded between the landlord (lessor) and the student (tenant)will be at his own responsibility without any liability on Kalimah Center otherwise.
  10. Utilities:
    Payment for utilities (water, Gas, Electricity, etc..) is not always included, it depends on every case per se. in spite of the fact that Kalimah Center is not a party in such kind of contracts  , Kalimah center continues to offer support and advices when needed regarding any issue with accommodation services such as electricians, plumbers, internet access, etc.
  11. Commission:
    Paying an amount as a Commission is required by real estate agents, in general Commission comes in the next form:
    1)  half month rent or half  month rent as a commission amount required if lease duration is no more than 6 months.
  12. 2)  One month rent or half  month rent as a commission amount required if lease duration is  more than 6 months.
  13. Insurance:
    In most cases lessors require to additionally pay one month rent at the time of contracting as insurance. This amount is used for covering any damages or utility bills concluded from the lease contract however , if there was no damages or outstanding bills left behind, the insurance should be refunded in full.
  14. Conflicts:
    In case of any conflicts with third party landlords Kalimah Center bears no legal responsibility towards such concern; and it is up to Kalimah Center to decide whether to mediate between the two conflicting parties or not.

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