our history

Kalimah Center was established in April 2011 in Egypt, Cairo in the suburb of Nasr City. It is managed by teachers that possess vast experience in the field of teaching Arabic to non native speakers. These teachers had a greatdetermination to put in place a distinctive method and style of teaching. The Arabic language curriculum has been tailored to students who are of different level of Arabic language. This method has been proven to give best teaching methods to each student and gives the teacher a unique way to teach the language according to the student needs

The teachers and the administration at the Kalimah Center believe that the Arabic language is powerful language and has the capability to take the place of other languages , therefore our objective is to spread the Arabic language with a style that allows the Arabic language to return to its position as a primary global language. And there is no doubt that this can only be achieved by our students who will be prepared by Kalimah Center to become ambassadors of the language in their countries through using and teaching the language so that more people become aware of the strength and beauty of the language.


Faculty and Staff

We at Kalimah believe that the teacher is the corner stone in teaching and from this starting point we chose our teachers on a number of premises which are:


Excellence in his knowledge of teaching

Flexibility in methods of teaching

Strong adherence to ethical and moral values

Patience with students

Strength of comprehension of given subjects

Ability to adapt teaching techniques to assist students

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