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Fluency is closer than you think Mastering a new language with Kalimah is fun, fast, and easy. But don’t be fooled by how simple and effective it is.


Using our online Arabic teachers is fasting your track to fluency Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to learn Arabic is by learning through a tutor with many years of experience speaking the language.


With our Unique way in teaching Arabic used by our highly qualified teachers, student will get the higher possible performance at the four language skills, Listening, Talking and writing.


Want to practice on the way to work? At the gym? In bed? At lunch? No problem! Kalimah makes learning on the go effortless with support for all Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android devices.

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What our students say about us

  • I have studied from markaz Kalimah and online, I have loved and cherished every part of my studies with them. Markaz Kalimah has played a huge part in my studies, in fact it has been my foundation to seeking Islamic knowledge. I find their method of teaching the Arabic language very effective and would highly recommend to anyone who loves and pursues the path of learning the Arabic language.

    Maryam Nasha
    Student, Maldives
  • Wa'alaikumussalam, thank you for your text message! Alhamdulillah the lessons have been good and I like my teacher a lot. She is very cheerful, understanding, encouraging and answers all my questions very well mashaAllah.

    Siti Nur Fairuz
    Student, Singapore
  • When I first started, I did not know what to expect because I have not studied a language online before; but I am impressed with the quality of the teacher who is dedicated to his work. I can see I have made a progress in my reading and understanding of the Arabic language and I am getting better so overall I am very satisfied with the service and quality. If there have been some problems, I get it solved quick from the staff. I always recommend my friends to study Arabic online at Markaz Kalimah.

    Khalil Ahmed
    Student, Denmark

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