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This course for adult students (15 years or more), begins with teaching letters, reading and writing, talking about oneself, family, housing .. and other personal topics, passing through societal and global topics and issues, then at advanced levels and talking about Arab culture and Islamic heritage, and finally there are Specialized programs in Arabic sciences such as rhetoric and literature … etc.

Arabic for Children Course

This course is for students under 15 years old. The student begins to learn reading, writing and speaking through a curriculum designed specifically for children through PowerPoint lessons and interactive exercises, taking the child’s hand step by step through language levels.

This course enables students to read Quran easily and correctly.

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New from Kalimah

Hasan Sayed
Hasan SayedUSA
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"Kalimah has provided me the structure, content, and professional instruction to learn Arabic in a challenging yet supporting environment. The instructors are not just teachers, but your friends and eventually become like family."
Benjamin Hatun
Benjamin HatunGermany
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Das Konzept des Kalimah-Zentrums ist methodisch sehr gut strukturiert und hilft Ihnen, die arabische Sprache nicht nur in kurzer Zeit zu lernen, sondern auch zu verwenden Ich bin sehr zufrieden und kann es nur jedem empfehlen!
Hasan Rahman
Hasan RahmanUK
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"My experience with Kalimah Centre has been one of the best experiences for learning Arabic especially as I’ve studied with many centers in the past. The reason being is because my Arabic language has progressed from knowing nothing to being able to have conversations in Arabic with people and I am yet to learn more and more with Kalimah."
MajdoulineThe Netherlands
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I studied at different institutes and in my opinion is Kalimah the best Arabic online teaching institute. Their way of teaching focuses on making the best of every single student. Thereby, the director responds quickly and takes any kind of feedback serious.
Edis Selman
Edis SelmanGermany
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Mit Kalimah habe ich gelernt wie man Arabisch liest, schreibt und spricht. Vor allem beim Sprechen korrigiert der Lehrer einen sehr häufig um sicher zustellen damit man die richtige Aussprache erlernt. Man sollte darauf achten einen Lehrer zu wählen der die Muttersprache des Schülers gut beherrscht damit es keine sprachlichen Missverständnisse gibt und der Unterricht besser abläuft.